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[Announcement] Part-time Job Recruitment

(Part-time job: IT technical support officer for Lab room 301)

IT technical support officers need to be:

  • Competent and confident users of IT, with a good knowledge of computers,
  • Familiar with a range of computer software packages,
  • Good at solving problems,
  • Able to explain technical issues clearly,
  • Familiar with different operating systems and computer languages.
  • Friendly, having basic skills of customer services

Typical work activities

In essence, technical support officers are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of computer systems in the Lab room:

  • Ensuring that students access Lab following the lab’s regulations
  • Monitoring and maintaining computer systems and networks;
  • Prohibiting user access the bad websites and playing game in the Lab
  • Installing and configuring computer hardware operating systems and applications;
  • Troubleshooting system and network problems and diagnosing hardware/software faults;
  • Replacing parts as required;
  • Setting up new users’ accounts and profiles and dealing with password issues;
  • Conducting electrical safety checks on computer equipment.
  • Reporting to Lab supervisor

Work Environment:

IT technicians are office based and spend most of their time working at the Lab room 301.
You will work 2 sessions per week in working time 8:00 – 11:30 AM and 13:00 – 16:00 PM


Quantity of openings : 2 IT technical support officers
Deadline: 25 Apr 2015
Contact: Mr. Khanh, Room #306, School of Business, IU