ISE Seminar

Trends in Industrial Engineering & Management Science Mohamed I. Dessouky Tue 6th Dec 2:15 pm – Room A2-307 Abstract In this presentation we trace the developments in industrial engineering since its inception under the name of scientific management with the pioneering work of Frederick Taylor to the diversity of specializations […]

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2016 Graduation Ceremony

  [box type=”note” size=”large” style=”rounded” border=”full”]Students are required to attend the graduation rehearsal on Thursday, October 13, 2016.[/box]

Oracle Academy Discovery Workshop

This one-day workshop is being organized to provide an opportunity to explore and understand the range of programs and offerings available from the Oracle Academy that support continuous science learning and the development of today’s students into the inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of the future. Through its Oracle Academy, […]

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Hustep – Hokkaido university shorterm exchange program

I. Program overview: HUSTEP creates opportunities for students to get know more about Japanese language as well as its culture in the span of 1 year (around 11 months) at Hokkaido University, Japan. Participant will be arranged living in a dormitory’s room near the University. Students will attend classes taught […]

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IUCSE Labs & Groups’ Recruitment (Updated 13/09/2016)

Mobile Computing Group’s Recruitment: Mobile Computing Group Machine Learning & Applications Lab’s Recruitment: Machine Learning & Applications Lab Internet of Things Lab’s Recruitment: IU Olympiad (Advanced Programming) Group’s Recruitment: Registration website:

PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge (GSC) 2017

Dear International University, I am writing to invite high performing team to once again represent your school in PolyU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Global Student Challenge (GSC) 2017 – a global business plan competition for talented secondary and university students worldwide. Since its inception in 2010, over 700 teams from 37 […]

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Winter Seminar on Human Security Development and Energy Science

1. General Information: This seminar is designed for undergraduate students to study the concept of Human Security Development (HSD) and Energy Science. The main theme of this seminar is energy development, which is an important issue in Human Security Development. The participating students are expected to deepen their knowledge on […]

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