Quyết định mở ngành – Decision on Programs Opening

Quyết định mở ngành IT 2004 – Decision on IT Program Opening 2014: Link Quyết định mở ngành DS 2018 – Decision on DS Program Opening 2018: Link Quyết định mở lại ngành CS 2020 – Decision on CS Program Opening 2020: Link

Examination Board

The Examination Board ensures that examinations are fair, consistent, and reliable, and that the qualifications awarded are credible and recognized by educational institutions, employers, and other stakeholders. The SCSE examination board of academic year 2023 – 2024 has 3 main members such as: Dean of SCSE; Faculty member (will be […]

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Internship Summer 2023

Internship 2023 **Update** Register for FPT Internship (Contract): Google Form Report Templates: Internship Documents Group Internship Summer 2023:  Link: MS Team Team Code: 01jee0r Form báo cáo thông tin thực tập: Regulations The first meeting for the summer Internship course will be on Friday 02/06/2023, starting at 10:00 AM in room […]

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Internship 2022-2023 Sem I

Internship Documents:  Internship Documents.Zip MS Team Group:  Link: Group Team Code: 5js5f7e Regulations The first meeting for the Internship course will be on 15/09/2022. Students who plan to take the summer internship course attend the meeting to obtain important internship information. Students prepare resumes and the School’s recommendation letter to […]

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Internship 2022 (Summer)

Internship Documents:  Internship Documents.Zip Presentation from Guests: Hitachi Vantara: IU-HITACHI EVENT_03.06.2022 FPT Software:  TuanVT5_QNU MS Team Group:  Link: SCSE – Internship Summer 2022 Team Code: 76txpld Regulations The first meeting for the summer Internship course will be on 03/06/2022. Students who plan to take the internship course in the summer […]

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SCSE Recruitment Info

Job Vacancies Position 1 05 Lecturers: Background in Information Technology, Computer Science, Data Mining and Data Science, Software Engineering. The salary is starting 30 million VND/month (or USD 1,500), plus additional income from research projects (depending on qualifications and experience in teaching & research). Requirements 03 Candidates must hold a […]

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