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Direct Enrollment

1 Selection of excellent students at high schools (Priority for admission according to the regulations of VNU)

  • Criteria:
    • Use high school academic results
    • Consider the GPA of 3 years of high school (grades 10, 11, 12) of 3 subjects in the admission combination of the registered block.
  • Target: 5% of the total enrollment quota of 2019

2 Direct Admission, Admission Priority According To The Regulations Of University, College Admission 2019 of the Ministry of Education and Training

  • Criteria: Student achievement in national and international Olympic excellent student contests, the winning subject is suitable for the field of direct enrollment, priority for admission.
  • Target: 3% of total enrollment targets 2019

3 Admission Based On Academic Records For Candidates With Foreign nationality or Vietnamese Students Graduating From Foreign High Schools

  • Criteria:
    • Candidates participating in the interview.
    • Taking a composite test in English with more than 50%.
  • Target: 3% of total enrollment targets 2019