CEL Consuilting tuyển dụng thực tập sinh

What is a CEL consultant ?

CEL Consultants give our clients access to a deep level of expertise combined with the ability to make things happen. For most companies this combination is difficult or too costly to attempt in-house.

Consulting in Supply Chain & Operation is project based designingnew systems, researching specific markets or improving organizations.

In CEL, consultants facilitate 3 roles:

  • The Facilitator
  • The Expert
  • The Business Developer

The facilitator, an individual with an active, creative and rigorous personality through out the entirety of their career, helps get the job done.The expert, an individual with years of experience on numerous projects, identifies the right thing to do.The Business Developer, the final role of all consultants,continually works generating new projects, attracting new clients, developing new services communicating CEL’s capabilities.

More Information about CEL Consuilting can be found here

Internship Programme

CEL Internship Progamme