Internship Orientation – Summer 2024



To ensure students have the information they need and receive guidance for the Internship in Summer 2024, the School of Computer Science and Engineering will host an Internship Orientation session. Here are the details for the upcoming Internship Orientation session:

Time: 10:00 AM, Thursday, 6 June 2024

Location: Auditorium A2.104

Business representatives will be joining the session. They will provide valuable insights into the internship opportunities available at their respective companies, share expectations and requirements for prospective interns, and offer advice on how to succeed in the professional environment. This is a unique opportunity for students to network with industry professionals, ask questions, and gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to thrive in their chosen field.

The Internship Orientation will include:

  • An overview of available internship programs and opportunities,
  • Presentations by industry leaders highlighting the importance of internships and the skills required in today’s job market,
  • Breakout sessions for companies to showcase their specific internship programs and answer students’ questions,
  • Companies may conduct interviews.