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Machine Learning and Applications Lab

Learn – Construct – Improve

Machine Learning and Application Laboratory (MLA) mainly focuses on developing novel and effective techniques for machine learning and applications in data mining, image processing and analysis, computer vision and transfers them into useful software tools which address current research problems.

MLA’s current areas of interest include:

  • Data mining, ontology
  • Recommender systems
  • Expert systems
  • Business intelligence
  • Healthcare systems
  • Search engines
  • Image processing and analysis
  • Games
  • Object detection and Classification
  • Visual tracking
  • Bioimage and medical image analysis

 If you are interested in MLA, contact us for more information about talks and study topics.

We are welcome all undergraduate and graduate students to join our group and happy to provide all necessary supports for your projects, dissertations in related fields.





– Data mining and research methodologies

– How to write a dissertation

– Introduction to Image processing

Time & place: TBA