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School objectives

  • To maintain an excellent quality of teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels
  • To foster the staff development and the research of schools lecturers and professors
  • To collaborate with the industry in improving the quality of teaching as well as in pursuing IT research for the benefit of Vietnam.

Program objectives for Computer Science

  • Apply effectively their knowledge and skills as computer engineers within the industry as well as the state and federal agencies dealing with analysis and design of modern computing engineering systems and processes;
  • Work and communicate effectively with others on multi-disciplinary teams to develop practical, technically-sound, cost-effective solutions to complex and diverse computer engineering problems;
  • Maintain an active program of lifelong learning and continuing education while practicing computer engineering in an ethical and professional responsible manner;
  • Seek leadership roles as practitioners and become active members within professional and technical societies.

Program objectives for Network Engineering

  • Applying efficiently technical knowledge and practical skills to analyzing and solving problems of modern network and communication systems.
  • Communicating and collaborating in teamwork environment effectively to deliver technical knowledge, ideas, proposals and solutions.
  •  Committing to technical capability in working environment and higher education programs by continuous self-improvement and lifelong learning.
  • Seeking leadership roles and becoming proactive individuals with ethical and social responsibility in professional engineering societies.

Education philosophy

The educational philosophy of SCSE is that teaching be a challenging task that is full of responsibility, wonder and excitement. At SCSE, we strongly believe that all students are capable of learning when they have a proper motivation and direction. All lecturers and personal advisers are aware of students’ learning ability and orientation to promote their potential.

SCSE provides an internationally comfortable environment to enhance study experience at the university. Our commitment to distinctively create a multicultural, friendly, fair and non-discriminatory environment is grounded in the belief that an enjoyable and exciting place will emotionally, physically and socially increase students’ cognition and nurture their learning ability.

Individualized instruction is an integral strategy to aid students with different academic pursuits. The curriculum incorporates auditory, visual and kinesthetic techniques to help individual meet the requirements. Applying a variety of approaches in learning process is equally important. The use of cooperative learning strategies and personalized instruction with the integration of technology in classrooms are all necessary to give our students flexibility in their self-discovery and hands-on learning process.

SCSE encourages students to actively participate in assessment activities and academic contests to support them in self-reflection and self-regulation. To facilitate learning, students are provided numerous choices to plan their own study and engaged in the assessment process with solid rubrics of their work and self-evaluate exercises. This enables students to develop the ability to appropriately judge their own accomplishment, intelligently set goals for themselves and fosters lifelong learning to improve learners’ competences, knowledge and skills.

In conclusion, learning should be fun and exciting. SCSE will be an inviting and safe place where students feel comfortable and love to learn.