[Announcement] EduNet’s Internship Recruitment


Software/web developers, web designers, mobile app developers, testers

Job descriptions:

  • Develop website/app based on given requirements.
  • Research new technology for website/app development.

Job requirements:

  • Basic knowledge of web/app development.
  • Can use at least one programming language (for web/app developers).
  • Can use Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator (for designer).
  • Understand testing process (for tester)
  • Good knowledge of OOP is a plus.
  • Good knowledge of MVC model is a plus.
  • Familiar with SCRUM methodology is a plus.
  • Teamwork and problem-solving skills.
  • Good English is a plus.

Our offer:

  • Paid internship, with opportunity for long-term career.
  • Regular on-the-job training by our senior developer.
  • Opportunity to work with international clients and experts.


Website: http://edunetjsc.vn/en/job/open-internship-positions-software-web-developers-web-designers-mobile-app-developers-testers/