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1. What kinds of jobs could I work after graduating from the School of Computer Science & Engineering?

  • Graduated students of The School of Computer Science & Engineering of International University have been equipped with the background knowledge about computer systems both in hardware and software related topics. So, students could continue to pursue Master or PhD degree in other international standard graduate programs or they could work in industry for global companies.
  • Graduated students can work in hardware or software design. For hardware design, they could work for companies as hardware designers such as chip designers, specified-purpose industrial machine designers, etc. For software design, they could work as software developers, software architectures and software managers. Specific jobs are web programmers, game programmers, information management system developers as well as software consultants, etc.

2. What is the different between studying at the School of Computer Science & Engineering of International University and at the IT departments of other universities?

Besides studying in a full English environment and advanced academic programs based on the curriculums of famous universities, students often work in laboratories with modern equipments and facilities. Many students also have chances to participate in projects and research programs with professors; therefore, they could practice team working skills as well as scientific research methodologies. Moreover, the most prominent feature which attracts students is the co-operation programs with other well-known universities in England, including Nottingham University and The University of West of England. After the first two years studying in IU, students would enroll in the associated universities to finish their last two years. Especially, in coming years, we will have co-operation programs with University of Illinois in USA and University of New South Wales in Australia.