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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science K21

Program Summary

Objectives:  The curriculum is designed to provide students with a strong foundation in computer science and encompasses a comprehensive range of topics of software development and essential professional knowledge. It covers a range of topics, including algorithms, methods, tools, and techniques used in computers, information systems, development and management system, system security principles, and analysis and design methods of software applications. The program equips learners with knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and research trends in the field of computer science.

The curriculum adheres to international standards and has received accreditation from ASEAN University Network (AUN).

Career opportunities:  Computer Science graduates are well equipped for professional roles involving analysis, design, and development of algorithms and software solutions. They can pursue a range of career opportunities, including positions at renowned companies such as DXC, FSOFT, IBM, TMA, TPS,… as well as within government organizations and research institutions for science and technology.


  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering

Program Specification: link 

Distribution of Curriculum

Courses Credits Percent
General Courses 52 34.0%
Core Courses 65 44.2%
Major Courses 32 21.8%


Curriculum mapping

Subject Credits Subject Credits
Semester 1 Semester 5
Calculus 1 4 Probability, Statistic & Random Process 3
Physics 1 2 Computer Networks 4
Physics 2 2 Software Engineering 4
Chemistry for Engineers 4 Operating System 4
Academic English 1 4 Scientific Socialism 2
Introduction to Computing 3
Physical Training 1 3
Semester 2 Semester 6
Calculus 2 4 Artificial Intelligence 4
Physics 3 and Lab 4 Principles of Programming Languages 4
C/C++ Programming 4 Web Application Development 4
Academic English 2 4 History of Vietnamese Communist Party 2
Critical Thinking 3 Elective 4
Physical Training 2 3
Semester 3 Semester 7
Calculus 3 or Linear Algera 4 Special Study of the Field 2
Physics 4 and Lab 2 Entrepreneurship 3
Digital Logic Design and Lab 4 Ho Chi Minh’s Thoughts 2
Theoretical Models in Computing 4 Elective 4
Object Oriented Programming 4 Elective 4
Discrete Mathematics 3
Philosophy Marx -Lenin 3
Semester 4 Semester 8
Principle of Database Management 4 Thesis 10
Data Structure and Algorithms 4
Object Oriented Analysis and Design 4
Computer Architecture 4
Marxist – Leninist Political Economy 2

 Elective Courses

Course ID Course Credits
IT024IU Computer Graphics 4
IT056IU IT Project Management 4
IT133IU Mobile Application Development 4
IT094IU Information System Management 4
IT096IU Net-Centric Programming 4
IT114IU Software Architecture 4
IT130IU Digital Image Processing 4
IT160IU Data Mining 4
IT134IU Internet of Things 4
IT157IU Deep Learning 4
IT158IU UI Design & Evaluation 4
Free Elective 4