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Twinning Programs

The articulation programs between International University with top class universities in Great Britain and United States has facilitated studying abroad by saving tuition fees and living expense, providing students with more time to prepare for English skills, and familiarizing students with learning skills in an international environment. Students will be assisted with academic issues and VISA and transferring applications. Students are required to study at International University for the first 2 years and the chosen university the last 2 years. The degrees, which is recognized worldwide, will be issued by the affiliated university upon graduation.

1. English requirement in the first stage

Students are required to take an IELTS-like placement test in the beginning. Those who have obtained the international IELTS certificate are not required to take the test. The results are used to classify students according to their English skills.

  • IELTS < 4.0: only study intensive English courses
  • 4.0 <= IELTS < 5.5 : study intensive English courses and some academic courses
  • IELTS >= 5.5: immediately start studying academic courses along with academic courses

2. English requirement before stage 2

Upon visa and transferring applications to study abroad, students are required to prove their academic English skills by IELTS for Great Britain and TOEFL iBT for United States.

Program International certificate GPA in stage 1
The University of Nottingham, UK – UK Campus: IELTS >= 6.5
No less than 6.0 in any element- Malaysia Campus: IELTS >= 6.0
No less than 5.5 in any element
>= 70 (only the second year)
The University of West of England, UK IELTS >= 6.0
No less than 5.5 in any element
>= 50
Binghamton, US IELTS >= 6.5 (No less than 5.5 in any element) or TOEFL >= 80 >= 3.0/4.0
Deakin, AU No English requirement >= 50

3. Tuition fees and living expense (estimated)

Program Tuition fee in stage 1 (per year) Tuition fee in stage 2 (per year) Living expense (per year)
The University of Nottingham, UK 55-66 million VND UK Campus: £19.120

Malaysia Campus: RM41.740

UK Campus: ~£10.500

Malaysia Campus: ~RM16.000

The University of West of England, UK 63-67 million VND £11750 ~£10.500
Binghamton, US 50-67 million VND ~$22.400 ~$14.000
Deakin, AU 60-77 million VND ~$36.000 (AUD) ~$21.000 (AUD)

4. Details of each program