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Renesas’ GR Peach Design Contest 2017 in ASEAN

Renesas Design Vietnam Co., Ltd. presents

Renesas’ GR Peach Design Contest 2017 in ASEAN

Are you ready to let the world know about your talent in electronics design?

Renesas’ GR Peach Design Content is the perfect platform for you to demonstrate your expertise in electronics design. After the grand success of GR PEACH in India, Renesas announces embedded design challenge in ASEAN, Australia and New Zealand.

IOT is the new trend and GR PEACH offers an ideal platform for IOT prototyping. Fully pin-compatible with Arduino UNO, GR-PEACH is an ARM® mbed™ enabled development platform.

You can get a GR PEACH development board for free by submitting your abstract if your abstract is selected and stand a chance to win exciting cash rewards.

Timeline of the contest:

Renesas' Contest Schedule

Prizes: First prize: USD 2,000 I Second prize: USD 1,500 I Third prize: USD 1,000

More information at: http://gadget.renesas.com/en/contest/2017/ASEAN/.

For any queries, write to: gadget_renesas@lm.renesas.com