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Education programs

  • The School of Computer Science & Engineering enrolls and educates students to get Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and in Computer Science degree. The academic curriculums, taught totally in English, are chosen from well-known foreign universities as well as modern equipments and facilities, graduated students will have solid knowledge of general education as well as IT majors both in theory and practice.
  • The School of Computer Science & Engineering has made the academic curriculum for Computer Engineering program which is constantly updated, improved for better education.
  • Currently, The Computer Science program has been approved and will be started in the Fall 2007.

Collaboration programs

The University of Nottingham

  • Computer Science
  • Engineering and Computer Science
  • Electronic and Computer Engineering
Graduate (Master, PhD)
  • Information Technology

The University of West of England

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering

IT students

  • Currently, there are about 350 IT students.
  • In addition to the English learning environment, students have chances to work on groups, presentation and participating into research activities of lecturers.
  • Moreover, IT students also join actively into social activities, such as Summer Volunteer Campaign, teaching poor children and other social activities.


  • Currently, The School of Computer Science & Engineering is equipped with 4 labs with modern facilities ( 4 servers, 120 workstations, software).


  • School research project of the year 2005
    Blind sources separation with the number of signal sources is more than that of sensors using ICA (Independent Component Analysis).
  • School research project of the year 2006-2007
    Build CAMS (Course Activity Management System) to support teaching and studying in universities