TA Recruitment

The School of Computer Science and Engineering is seeking suitable candidates for the post of full-time Teaching Assistant



Candidates must hold an excellence degree in Information Technology.


  • English: Candidates must have excellent proven English abilities
  • Other(s): be ethical and honest

Other(s) requests:

  • Interested in work related to teaching and scientific research
  • Wiling to participate in national and international research projects
  • Starting working immediately after completing recruitment procedures

Responsibilities and Opportunities

  • Working full-time at School of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Salary: according to the current regulations of International University
  • Opportunities: be able to get Master/PhD scholarship
  • Enjoy full benefits, working regime, social insurance and health insurance policies

How to apply

If you are interested in the post, please contact Dr. Nguyen Van Sinh via email: nvsinh@hcmiu.edu.vn or

Phone: 84-028-3724 4270 (ext: 3243)