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Lab Công nghệ phần mềm và Khoa học dữ liệu thực nghiệm

Software Engineering and Empirical Data Science (SEEDS) Lab

Learn – Construct – Improve

This lab includes two clubs: Software Engineering and Empirical Data Science.

Software Engineering (SE) Club is a club for software engineering and technology enthusiasts.

New technologies like DevOps, Blockchain, and recently MLOps evolve rapidly. It is exciting and challenging at the same time; no single developer can work alone and master them. We need to work together.

Therefore, the goal of the Software Engineering club is to provide a place, a discussion forum for students to learn and practice different software engineering technologies by solving practical problems.

Members of the club could join different competitions each year like Hackaton and Startup contests or could join projects to build useful software for our school and our society.

Besides, the Empirical Data Science (EDS) Club is a joint club guiding students on the skills of data analysis and data mining along with statistical methods and modern machine learning methods, such as deep learning, sequence mining, etc.

Data science solutions: Recommender systems, Search engines, Data mining, etc.

By joining the lab of SEEDS, students can learn the skills of research and developing software applications in interesting fields.


Modern architecture for web applications

Students’ Demos

by DTSon

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