[Thông báo] Arrive Technologies Vietnam tuyển dụng

Vị trí tuyển dụng: 12 DV (Design Validation) Engineers.

Thời hạn nộp hồ sơ: trước ngày 30/03/2017 (hạn có thể ngắn hơn nếu chúng tôi nhận đủ CV)

Thông tin chi tiết:

Arrive Technologies Viet Nam Co., Ltd

Work Place: Ho Chi Minh City
Company Profile: Arrive Technologies Viet Nam


10th Floor, Etown Building (1), 364 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh Dist., HCMC, Viet Nam

Arrive Technologies, Inc., with its head quarter in California, is a broadband semiconductor solutions company with a broad portfolio of highly integrated systems-on-a-chip products combining voice, data, Internet and multimedia content for worldwide telecommunications companies. Our ASICs and CodeChips™ provide flexible next-generation solutions allowing our customers to meet their growing broadband connection needs.

Arrive Technologies Viet Nam is a subsidiary of Arrive Technologies Inc., located at Etown Building (1), mainly responsible for researching and designing the Arrive’s products.

For the company’s expansion, we need to recruit twelve (12) more DV (Design Validation) Engineers.

Company size:
(Quantity of employees)
Job Title: DV Engineers (Design Validation Engineers)
Job Category: Electrical/Electronics
Job Description:
  • Studying telecom standards relating functions of Arrive’s products (Chips) such as: Next-gen SONET/SDH, Data Encapsulation (ATM/HDLC/GFP), L2+Packet Switching, Emulation Services (CES/Packet Pseudowires).
  • Doing testing on telecom tester systems and evaluation platforms of the company.
  • Doing test procedures for chip’s functions on Arrive’s evaluation platforms.
  • Writing testing programs or testing procedures on SDK for Arrive’s product (chips) testing.
  • Doing customer online/onsite support.

**Working conditions:

  • To work at E.town Building, PCs with strong configuration, modern lab (telecoms equipments and embedded systems in MAN/WAN networks, etc…)
  • Offered competitive salary rate
  • Dinner & parking allowance at e.town since probation time
  • Other allowances: transportation, lunch, health insurance at international hospitals located in Viet Nam (such as Phap Viet, Colombia, An Sinh,..)

Job Requirement:

  • BS/MS in Telecommunication/Electric-Electronics/IT/Software/ Physics.
  • Experienced in C/C++ programming language.
  • Familiar with  Window/Linux system.
  • Ability to understand technical English.
  • Good technical English writing.
  • Ability to work under high pressure and teamwork as well.


  • Knowledge of scripts: Perl, C-Shell, Bash-Shell, TCL, Python, ….
  • Knowledge of Sonet/SDH and Packet networks.
  • Knowledge of Next-gen Sonet/SDH, circuit emulation services is preferred.
  • Knowledge of SW is an advantage.
  • Understanding transport applications: Ethernet, MPLS, TCP/IP, ….
  • Experienced in Test configuration built on software APIs for configuration script files.
  • Experienced in transport standards ITU, IEEE, MEF, ….
  • Priority to candidates experienced in Test Emulation Configuration Set-up.

**Interested candidates please send the resume (describing education, experiences, and expected salary) with subject is the position you would like to apply “DV Engineer” via email or directly to the company address: Arrive Technologies Viet Nam, 10th Fl, Etown Building (1), 364 Cong Hoa, Tan Binh Dist., HCM City before Mar 30, 2017 (this deadline may be shortened if we get enough CV).

Preferred Language: English
Qualification: Bachelor
Experience: 0+ years in chip design
Salary:   Very competitive
Job Type: Full time
Contact Person: Ms Thuan
Email for applications: jobs@atvn.com.vn
District: Tan Binh
Adress: 10 Fl., Etown Building (1), 364 Cong Hoa
City: Ho Chi Minh City
Country: Vietnam
Telephone Number: 08 38127479
Fax Number: 08 38121484
Company Website: www.arrivetechnologies.com