Nhóm Lập Trình Di Động tuyển thành viên

Introduction about IU Mobile Computing Group

As the result of the mobility revolution in the past few years, mobile devices are increasing rapidly and approaching the capabilities and extensibility of traditional computing devices. People are now using their mobile devices to do personal and professional activities. Not only create new opportunities for commercial companies, the rich functionality and extensibility of mobile platform has also provided an interesting and challenged playground for IT developers, turned their most creative ideas to extremely useful applications for human life. As IT student, have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between traditional PC’s application and mobile application? What made mobile platform become so attractive? How to make a standard application, how to design GUI for mobile application?

If you are interested in Mobile computing and have the passion to face new challenges, you are welcome to join our new and FREE training course: Mobile Computing. Throughout the course, you will have a closer look at mobile platform, learn how to create mobile applications and gain new interesting skills.

Mobile Computing Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy of an App, App Lifecycle
  3. Android overview, development environment, first app
  4. Android XML
  5. Android GUI
  6. Android Persistence
  7. Android Communication
  8. Android Map and Location
  9. Cross Platform Mobile Development

(Instructors: Tran Manh Ha, Le Thanh Son, Pham Quoc Son Lam)


For more information and registration, please send email to pqslam@hcmiu.edu.vn

(**Note: This course is opened for all student, there is no restriction).