Thông tin thực tập học kì hè 2016

Internship Summer 2016

  • Students MUST read and follow the below instructions, avoid sending email pieces with irrelevant questions, such as reporting internship work at wrong time, asking internship web page or validating internship work, etc.
  • Submitting internship report and evaluation (from 24/08 to 05/09 ) to Mr. Pham Quoc Son Lam (IT Dept. 610). Internship report must include EVIDENCE OF RESULTS for activities and achievements. The internship report must include the company’s phone number and the supervisor’s phone number for validation. Poor reports can fail the internship course.
  • Students requiring Internship’s grade for graduation MUST submit Internship report and evaluation ASAP and contact Internship coordinator via email for confirmation.
Step Time Task
1 15/04-01/06
  • Enrolling course
  • Applying internship
2 01/6-20/06
  • Starting internship
  • Reporting to the coordinator (three weeks after start)
3 15/07-30/07
  • Checking progress
  • Requesting incomplete grade (I)
4 24/08-05/09
  • Submitting internship report and evaluation
5 16/09-30/09
  • Grading internship


Also refer to for details.